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Re: English

Beitrag von Schnarre » Mo 15. Sep 2014, 11:57

was a pleasure to fly with you.
decent people are allways welcome here :muetze:
skype: schnarre0815
xfire: Agroschnarre
jabber ID: schnarre@jabber.ccc.de

Re: English

Beitrag von impatientBrain » Mi 1. Mär 2017, 00:46

Sorry, I'm just too impatient to wait for my account to be activated.

About an hour or so I stumbled over 'TST M 0.1638' and although I missed pretty much all of it, I love it to death!
The setting of convoy escort is interesting and dynamic, there seem to be plenty of targets in reasonable locations, waypoints are present and even fricking lines on the ABRIS.
Who ever is responsible for this, good job so far.
By now friendly forces have reached their destination and the mission probably needs a restart. Not counting on an admin at 1am but might do some scouting for leftovers nontheless. I'm curious.

If you could continue to host missions like this, I'd be eternally greatful! :meinheld:

Re: English

Beitrag von Professor1 » So 16. Apr 2017, 19:01

Hi everyone,

First of all..Thanks for the great server. Enjoyed my time there.
However, I got banned today.. and the reason is kinda embarrassing. I was testing a RN-28 in mountain area near the airfield. However, I miscalculated my bomb delivery and the blast wave covered the airfield as well :dash: I got banned immediately.
Could one of you folks with super powers can unban me please? I promise not to repeat the same mistake again. :rotwerd:

Nick is Professor. Banned time is about 2030 hrs (+ 3 GMT)

Off topic: Does this ( :vonhinten: ) icon mean..doggie stuff?