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Verfasst: Do 19. Mai 2011, 06:25
von Spare Time Pilots
English only please ;)

Re: English

Verfasst: Mi 6. Jul 2011, 09:04
von daryl1586
Hello All!

Firstly, am I really the first English speaker to say hello!? :shock:

My name is Daryl and I have been playing DCS: A-10C since beta 2. I have spent quite a few hours since then reading the aircraft manual and learning how to operate each of the aircraft's systems. I have been playing in an Arma 2 tournament for the last two years and a small group (4-6 people) of my friends there also have DCS: A-10C, so we fly missions together once every week or two weeks. We have also created some of our own missions for fun.

I have been looking for a group to join for 2-3 months and would like to regularly participate in flying missions together with likeminded people. Some of my friends from Arma 2 may also wish to join too.

Unfortunately for me my German language skills are quite poor. I spent 3 years at high school learning German (this was about 8-10 years ago!) so I can understand and speak only basic and broken German; tut mir leid! :heul: If this is a problem, just show me the exit door lol.

Hope to see you all around soon.


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Verfasst: Mi 6. Jul 2011, 09:23
von Schnarre
Hi there Daryl

well, just hop in any time on our TS - ask if it is ok to join the server, and I am sure nobody will deny ur participation except we are flying a internal mission.
Basically we are not a Squadron with "regular trainings" - we are more like "sparetimepilots" who just have fun in flying and learning together.
So if u are looking to join a "real" squadron with SOPs, ranks, trainings etc - I recomment visit the 74th VFS TheFlyingTigers.
If u just want fly, as said, hop in any time .... we have a TSviewer on our main forumpage(lower end), so just check it and come fly with us.

To the language problem:
most of us had at least 3 years english at school(but some of us didnt) so it should not be the problem of beeing understood ;-)
Just go ahead and speak english ... more and more will join in ;-)

=STP= Schnarre

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Verfasst: Mi 6. Jul 2011, 09:38
von Dragon
:willkommen: to our forum!

Schnarre sad everything important.
So see you in the TS3 soon. :sehrgut:

By the way: Where are you from?
Do we have a time-zone-isue?
We are on GMT+2 (summer time) and flying normaly between 18:00 and 23:00.

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Verfasst: Mi 6. Jul 2011, 16:20
von Cloud
You can see where he is coming from under the none existent avatar on the left site of his post. It reads Grimsby, England...... :muetze:

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Verfasst: Mi 6. Jul 2011, 16:35
von daryl1586
Lol I updated that this morning, which may have been after Dragon replied :whistling:

But yes I am in the GMT+1 time zone at the moment. 18:00 - 23:00 (GMT+2) is an ideal time frame for me to join in most nights of the week.

Your group sounds ideal for me as I'm not looking for a Squadron with strict SOP's etc. at the moment. I just want to enjoy flying and continuing to learn in DCS A-10C with other like-minded people; plus the sense of achievement through teamwork.

I tried to reply to this post at about midday today, but the internet connection at my workplace was destroyed halfway through typing my post by a passing thunderstorm. That's just my luck! :rolleyes:

I look forward to joining you all on TS3 in the near future!

Thanks again,

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Verfasst: Mi 6. Jul 2011, 17:44
von Schnarre
wlcome to fly with us at any time :sehrgut:

Re: English

Verfasst: Di 23. Aug 2011, 23:15
von Gast
Hi, :D

I've been flying cuite a lot at the FC2 server lately and have used the TS3 server a bit. I'm thinking of joining STP. What activities do you have with Flaming Cliffs 2 at the moment? I'm also interested in the upcoming "Georgian Incident" hosted by 51st squad.

HiJack :D

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Verfasst: Mi 24. Aug 2011, 06:41
von Schnarre
Hi there Hijack

I saw u lately in the FC2 channel ... thought of joining in BUT I havent installed FC2 anymore :rotwerd: ...and probably will not install it any more .... so we got to meet on the DCS fields :trinken:
i "think" a lot of us think alike , cause i havent seen any =STP= in FC2 channel since a long time.

@"georgian incident" ... we talked a lot about it (as pure KA50pilots)and its still not out how many of us will participate ....yesterrday i got my BlackShark running again - so count me in :D ... and Isegrim will take part as well .... for sure ... im going to make him participating :hitter:

Re: English

Verfasst: Mi 14. Dez 2011, 21:21
von Micric
I warm welcome from the UK.

I came to your site after having so much fun with Dragons training missions. Very useful for a new pilot like myself. I hope I can join you some day for some real JTAC.